Our NSA Team

The National Sports Authority team includes partners, board of directors, an executive team and a supervisory management team.


The National Sports Authority (NSA) works with 3 partners:

1) Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture (MOYSC)
2) Ministry of Tourism (MOT)
3) Qilu Technical Assistance Team (courtesy of the People's Republic of China)

Knowledge Transfer
The Thomas A. Robinson Stadium was built by The People’s Republic of China over a 4-year period and was gifted to the people of The Bahamas in 2012. There are a number of sophisticated technical systems that were designed in China. The People’s Republic of China has signed a technical assistance agreement with The Bahamas and has assigned a technical team to the National Sports Authority. This team continues to work with the stadium’s technical team to transfer knowledge in operations and maintenance of the 40-foot Jumbotron screens in the TAR National Stadium, fire systems, plumbing systems, etc.

Board of Directors and Board Members

Board of Directors
Our board comprises individuals from the private and public sector with each lending their experience to the oversight of the National Sports Authority:
  • Lynden Maycock, Chairman
Board Members
  • Jeffrey Beckles - General Manager
  • Anton Sealey
  • Eldece Clarke
  • Tim Munnings
  • Calvin Balfour
  • Wellington Miller
  • Lester Cox
  • Tonique Williams

Executive Team and Supervisory Management


Executive Team – Consultants
  • Brian Hassan – Special Projects Consultant
Supervisory Management
  • Joan Henderson - Office Manager
  • Selwyn Ferguson - Technical Maintenance Manager